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How to Recharge Before Back to School

Teachers Summer Holidays

Since September is right around the corner, it is important to relax and rejuvenate before the academic year begins. Here are some useful tips and tricks to keep you feeling great this summer.

Whether you are a teacher, a teaching assistant, or a part of the admin team, whatever your role, you probably can’t wait for the summer holidays. So it is important that you make the most of it and take the time to invest in yourself, especially during the summer break.

Spend time with people who love you.

During the academic year, we slowly lose sight of our loved ones due to work obligations, such as grading papers and planning lessons. With the summer months offering nothing but free time, why not spend some time with the ones you love? Take a trip to the park, visit a coffee shop, or simply pop over for a cuppa and a chat.

Treat yourself

Throughout the year, there are moments when we stay up late grading papers or preparing lessons. As a result, we miss out on the latest movies at the cinema. From action adventure to horror, why not treat yourself to a trip to the cinema? With our discount, you can get 40% off cinema tickets, food and drink at select cinemas – such as Vue and Odeon.  Get your Teachers Cinema Tickets today!

Selfcare is key

Here at Discounts for Teachers, we always recommend and promote self-care. Why? Because a lot of key workers put the needs of others before their own, and we want you to look after yourself. Many people get overwhelmed by the idea of self-care, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are various ways you can practice self-care and wellness, such as:

  • Meditation.
  • Yoga.
  • Reading.
  • Exercise.
  • Listen to music.
  • Engage in hobbies and artistic endeavours.

Days Out

Over the course of the year, we don’t get enough time to do some of the things we love. Thankfully, the summer months allow us to run wild. Why not book a fantastic day out at top UK attractions and let your inner kid run loose? Take a look at some of our day-out guides: Travel & Days Out Guides!


After taking the summer to unplug and recharge, now is the perfect time to reflect on the past year. Reflection allows you to look at:

  • What was a success?
  • What went well for others in your life?
    Why did these things succeed?
  • Which of your students blossomed, and how can you recreate that magic?
Teachers Summer Holidays

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