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World Book Day Costume Ideas for Teachers

Looking for World Book Day Costume Ideas for Teachers? You’ve come to the right place! World Book Day is an exciting occasion celebrated worldwide to promote the joy of reading and storytelling among children and adults. Highlights As a teacher, World Book Day is a great opportunity to get your students involved in reading and to encourage them to delve into the magical world of books. But also, it means you’ve got to get dressed up too. Of course, you…

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Our First Member’s Day was a Success!

Last weekend saw the success of our first ever incredible Thorpe Park’s Member’s Day! It was a sunny Saturday, and almost 4000 of our lucky members had the whole park to themselves. The day was a huge success and…


School Sports Day: Fun Games & Activity Ideas

School sports day is an important part of the academic calendar and is a great way to encourage your students to work together and engage in healthy competition. Sports day is usually a sign that summer is here, so…


Fundraising Ideas for Schools: Cheap & Easy For Kids

Fundraising is an important part of school life. Not only is there always something that needs paying for within the school environment, but fundraising is also a great way to support various initiatives while creating community spirit and teaching…

illustrarion of students using Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom & How Can Teachers Use It?

As a teacher, you’ll always look for the best software and programmes to help your planning and organisation. So, have you tried Google Classroom? It is a set of free online teaching tools and teaching resources for teachers that…