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Tick off your School Supply List with our Teacher Essentials

As you return to the classroom for another year, prepare with our teacher discounts and save money on every purchase.

Stock up on your back to school teacher essentials and get ready for the new year. From preparing your classroom wardrobe to making sure you have all the technology and stationery you need, getting everything you need can make the start of term a little bit easier.

Back to School Ready?

When does school start?

The new school term starts in the first week of September for most UK schools. However, this will differ depending on where you are based in the UK. You should check with your school to find out your exact start date. You may be required to return earlier for training.

How to save money as a teacher?

Become a Discount for Teachers member for free and gain access to money-saving discounts across all purchases. From travel to tech and fashion, we can help you save. Check out our cost of living crisis discounts blog for more savings.

What do teachers need the most?

The list of teacher essentials is endless, but our top tip is always to have some antibacterial wipes and gel to hand to keep your classroom and hands clean.

Best places to buy teacher supplies, for cheap!

Check out our teacher’s essential brand list below and where you can get everything you need for less.


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So Typical Me

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The Works

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