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How Can Nature Improve Your Mental Health?

How Can Nature Improve Your Mental Health

Nature is an underrated yet very impactful resource that can help with our mental health. Simple activities like an evening walk, having a picnic in the park, or a camping trip can positively influence your mental well-being – that is why we are focusing on Nature for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from the 10th to the 16th of May. The event has been ongoing for several years, and it is all about sharing mental health resources, having healthy discussions, and providing each other with support.

Nature is an excellent mental health resource.

Over the years, the research that has been conducted in mental health shows that one thing has remained clear – nature can help. Getting outdoors and connecting with nature can have a positive influence on your well-being.

This year, we want to inspire our lovely members to get in touch with nature. That is why we have provided some ideas and tips to inspire you!

  • Why not go for a walk? Visit a green space like a local park and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Eating outdoors can be a great mood booster. Why not have a picnic?
  • Exercising outside can be incredible for your health and boost your mood.
  • Take your dog (or cat, we aren’t judging) for a walk outside.
  • Become a plant parent and grow food or flowers outside.
  • Don’t have an outdoor space? Why not invest in some house plants and watch them flourish?

The Team

Here at Discounts for Teachers, we want to share some of the team’s favourite nature-inspired activities that help with their mental health.

“After being stuck inside and working from home, I can’t describe how much I loved going for a walk. You can forget how simple things like a 15-minute walk with your earphones blasting your favourite music can change your entire day.” – Jill.

“When it isn’t raining, I love putting my exercise bike in my back garden. Exercising outside on a sunny day is a game-changer.  – Michael. 

“I like to take my kids to the park on the weekend. I get to sit on the bench, enjoy my coffee and soak up the sun – when it’s actually out and shining,” – Ginny.

How Can Nature Improve Your Mental Health

How To Get Involved

So, now it is your turn. We want to hear how nature helps you unwind and disconnect. Do you enjoy a hike, long walks, do you go fishing, or perhaps you go bird watching? Whatever it is you love to do, we want to know! Head on over to our social media or comment below and let us know how nature helps your mental health – we will be sharing responses!

Also, don’t forget to get involved with incredible organisations like MIND. Over the years, MIND has been at the forefront in helping others find mental health resources, support and has conducted research. If possible, a small donation to MIND can help them continue fighting for mental health and providing support. Click here to learn more.

How Can Nature Improve Your Mental Health

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