Who Can Use Our Teachers Discount Codes?

5 reasons why it's awesome to be a Teacher

We are often asked who our discounts are for, and the answer is anyone working in the education sector – and we mean everyone!



Providing education and teacher discounts for big brands is our way of supporting those who work in the education sector. From office staff, domestic staff, and volunteers to those teaching in the classroom, every role plays a part, and here at Discounts for Teachers, we celebrate everyone.

Teachers inspire, motivate, shape lives, and positively impact the world. They impart their knowledge through various teaching styles and are mindful of their students.

Whether they’re mastering new technology to teach from home, refining their classes, or simply starting out, teachers go above and beyond, and that’s why we help them save money. Sign up for FREE today. It’s easy to become a member, and it only takes a matter of minutes.

Office Staff

All positions in the education sector, including administrative roles, play a vital role. For example, those within school office roles often handle administration, communication, organise schedules, and liaise with visitors. They are often the face of the school to outside visitors, so they play a crucial role. All office staff roles are eligible for our free discount scheme.

Caterers and Domestic Staff

Delivering high-quality catering provisions for students and staff is crucial. Not only do catering staff provide nutritious, well-balanced meals, but they also have to follow guidelines, plan in advance, develop relations with food suppliers, handle a budget, and so much more. Schools rely on lunchtime assistants to look after and supervise students during lunch and breaks.

The same can be said for domestic staff, such as cleaners. Clean classrooms and hallways are extremely important, as they can have a profound impact on a student’s attendance, well-being, and overall performance. Cleaning staff must follow strict hygiene guidelines, ensure they are time-efficient, and demonstrate safe cleaning practices. Their contribution is not to be overlooked, which is why caterers and domestic staff can sign up for free and use our teacher discount codes.

Nursery Staff

Nursery workers help babies and young children develop in a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment. Alongside greeting parents and welcoming children into their classrooms, they are vitally important in a child’s growth and development. Nursery staff are vital in supporting children’s education through stimulating learning activities.

Students and Trainees

Students and trainees are the next generations of teachers who will educate the youth, and their input is extremely important. Through their education and experience, students and trainees bring new ideas and ways of thinking to the table, enabling each generation of learners to improve and improve.

So you guessed it – students and trainees are also eligible for all our free and exclusive discounts. Don’t miss out and get signed up today!

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