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How to cut the cost of living with Teacher Discounts

Households across the UK are expected to feel a financial squeeze within the coming months thanks to soaring energy prices and the increase in National Insurance–both come into effect in April. Not only are we dealing with the aftermath of Covid-19, but the Cost of Living Crisis has many of us questioning how we can save as prices begin to rise.

Within this blog post, you will find helpful information on the Cost of Living Crisis, what impact it will have, and how you can use our Teacher’s discounts to lessen the blow of the Crisis. Alongside the valuable information we have provided, we have also listed several money-saving discounts available to members of Discounts for Teachers.

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What is the cost of living crisis?

We began to hear about the “Cost of Living Crisis” at the start of 2022, and many of us began to question what caused the crisis and how we could save money with prices rising. From our monthly bills, daily essentials to our weekly food shop, due to the nature of the crisis, many key workers are facing financial struggles, but what is actually causing the crisis? Here are several core elements that are contributing to the crisis:

  • High demand for oil and gas.
  • Inflation
  • the War in Ukraine
  • Shortages in staff across various sectors, including hospitality and transport.
  • Shortages of certain goods due to supply chain disruptions across the globe. 

What is the average monthly cost of living in the UK?

On average, most UK households will spend around £588 per week (£2548 per month) to cover the cost of living. This includes rent/mortgages, food, daily essentials, the clothes on our back and travel expenses. However, the location and salary will heavily impact the average cost of living in the UK. For example, the cost of living in London compared to Manchester will differ. 

Money-Saving Advice

With the Cost of Living Crisis, many experts have outlined that people should evaluate their current bills and use comparison sites to find the best offers. Our Teacher’s Energy Switch automatically runs seasonally to find you the best broadband, TV & Utility offers around. To learn more, visit our Broadband, TV & Utilities Teacher’s discounts page.

Check what you’re paying for your utilities, including broadband, line rental and mobile, and then use a range of price comparison websites to compare what’s on offer on the market.

Money Saving Expert’s list of useful tips: via ITV.

Which is the cheapest place to live in the UK?

Curious which places are considered low-cost places to live in the UK? Take a look at the list of the 16 low-cost places to live:

  1. Durham
  2. Belfast
  3. Leicester
  4. Stirling
  5. Lancaster
  6. Cardiff
  7. Newcastle
  8. Coventry
  9. Warwick
  10. Lincoln
  11. Nottingham
  12. Liverpool
  13. Manchester
  14. Birmingham
  15. Norwich
  16. Derry or Londonderry in Northern Ireland

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