Fundraising Ideas for Schools: Cheap & Easy For Kids

Fundraising is an important part of school life. Not only is there always something that needs paying for within the school environment, but fundraising is also a great way to support various initiatives while creating community spirit and teaching children valuable lessons in teamwork. However, thinking of fundraising ideas for schools that aren’t too difficult to organise or cost too much money or resources.


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The Easiest Class Fundraising Ideas

So, we’ve put together some creative and budget-friendly ways to raise funds while engaging students in fun activities. Whether you’re raising money for your school or want to support and charity, here are some ideas to get you started.

Bake Sales

One of the most popular fundraising ideas for schools is bake sales. Whether you love baking cakes or eating them, everyone can get involved. It’s quite a simple and cheap fundraising idea, as all you have to do is encourage students and their families to bring in their favourite treats to sell. Then, just set up a stall during a school event or after classes and sell your goodies. This isn’t just a profitable fundraising idea; it promotes baking skills and student teamwork.

Spare Change Collections

Another of our easy fundraising ideas is a spare change collection. Most of us have loose change in our pockets, purses, and bags, and while it may only be a few pence here or there, it can soon add up. Simply set up collection jars in common areas and classrooms and watch the pennies add up to pounds. You could also put some of these collection jars in the school canteen to add any change to the collection. This is a small way that everyone can get involved with class fundraising, no matter their financial situation.

Read-a-Thon Challenge

Some of the best fundraising ideas for kids are those that are also fun and educational. So why not try a read-a-thon challenge? This is where students seek sponsors for every book they read within a certain time frame. They can get friends and family to sponsor them with reading goals and incentives in place for reaching milestones. This fundraiser idea for schools is a great way to promote literacy while raising money.

Charity Ideas for School Fundraising Events

As well as school fundraising ideas to raise money for school projects, resources, and initiatives, you may also want to get involved in supporting outside causes. For example, having a range of Children In Need activities is a great way to celebrate Pudsey Day and raise money for those who need it. So, whether there is a local charity you’re looking to support or want to get behind Red Nose Day, here are some charity ideas for your school.

Environmental Cleanup

Making any school fundraising event as educational as possible is always a good idea. Therefore, we recommend organising an environmental cleanup event to clean up litter in the school’s local area. This could mean cleaning up the school playground, local park, or beach with the help of students, volunteers, and teachers. To raise funds at the same time, you could seek sponsorship from individuals or businesses for every bag of litter collected. This is a great way to promote community involvement environmental awareness, and to raise money.

Pyjama Day

Don’t worry if your students are a little younger, as there are charity school fundraising ideas for them too. For example, a Pyjama Day! This is a great opportunity for students and teachers to get involved. Simply invite them to come into school in their pyjamas for the day in exchange for a donation. This could be as little as £1 each, but when the whole school gets involved, it can raise significant money.

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