Celebrate Red Nose Day 2024: Teacher Tips, What is it & When

Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day is right around the corner, and if you are looking for some last-minute inspiration, we have got you covered. We have thrown together some quick, simple, and fun Red Nose Day Teacher Tips for you to use in the classroom!


What is Red Nose Day?

In 1985, Comic Relief was founded by the comedy scriptwriters Richard Curtis and Lenny Henry in response to the famine in Ethiopia. The campaign’s goal was to get the nation laughing during a dark political time, and it has become an annual tradition celebrated by thousands each year. Comic Relief is very popular in education, as it’s a great way to teach children about important topics.

When is Red Nose Day 2024?

Red Nose Day takes place on Friday, 15th March 2024, and it’s a day to raise money and awareness of Comic Relief, where everyone can do something to fight poverty through something fun. And also it’s great for the classroom. Red Nose Day offers the perfect opportunity to get your classroom involved and educate them on what Comic Relief 2024 is about and the social issues and poverty that it aims to support.

What day is Red Nose Day?

Comic Relief 2024 is taking place on Friday – which means it’s the perfect day to get your classroom involved in all the fun and fundraising. Looking for some Friday Funday fundraising inspiration? Check out our blog on charity fundraising ideas and tips!

What is the theme for Red Nose Day 2024?

This year’s theme focuses on supporting those in need during the current living crisis and issues such as homelessness, mental health issues, and a lack of food.

For this year, there are new red noses too! To celebrate Red Nose Day 2024, four fun characters will be collected, including Gigglesworth, McChortles, Smirklethorpe and Lol E Pops. There is also a 1 in 166 chance to get your hands on a limited edition ‘Gold’ Nose – The Golden Hooter. This year’s noses are made with plant-based materials so they can be recycled at home. They’re also suitable for children aged 3 and above – so they’re great for your classroom students.

For more information on the New Red Noses check out Red Nose Day 2024 website.

Looking back on Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day 2023

Red Nose Day has been an important event on the fundraising calendar for over 30 years, and after last year’s success, organisers are hopeful for another big night of fundraising for those in need. Red Nose Day 2023 saw the public raise an amazing £35,310,407. Of course, we all loved the Red Nose Day 2023 theme, but with these new characters to collect this year, Red Nose Day offers the perfect opportunity for you to get your classroom involved and contribute with the fundraising!

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