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Sleep Better, Avoid Stress

In these current circumstances, you may find yourself feeling a little more stressed and anxious compared with how you normally feel, which in turn can have a negative effect on your sleep. Good sleep is crucial to not only a positive mindset but a healthy lifestyle, helping you wake up refreshed, stress free and ready for the day ahead.

What determines a good sleep?

Although sleep requirements differ from person to person, the recommended amount of sleep is anywhere between 7 and 9 hours, meaning you should try your best to make time to meet this as often as possible. But a good sleep doesn’t mean laying in bed with your eyes shut for 9 hours. If you find yourself waking up continuously throughout the night, you can severely disrupt your sleeping pattern, meaning your body and mind isn’t getting the rest it needs.

What can I change?

There’s lots you can do to help improve your sleep, from small changes to some things which are part of a long term plan, all of which can help contribute to an improved sleep cycle and help give you the rest you deserve.

Making your bedroom a place of comfort is important. If you work from home, don’t associate your bedroom with work – make it the place you escape to once all the work is done. The same for when you come home from work, let it be a place where you can relax and take your mind off things for a while.

Creating a calming atmosphere is also crucial, and there’s a few things you can quickly change to help create the perfect environment to drift off too. Blackout blinds restrict outside light, keeping the room dark and are perfect for the longer Summer nights if you’re trying to get an early night.

It might be one of your favourite things you don’t want to let go of, but your mattress can’t stay around forever. Around every 8 years you should try and replace your mattress. It won’t be as supportive as it once was, no matter how comfortable it may be and this, overtime, can cause issues for your body, particularly for your posture and spine, which as you get older, are more susceptible to damage.

Look into purchasing a new mattress if you’ve had yours a while. With new advancements in the types of mattresses available, there’s plenty to choose from. Save on hybrid mattresses with Otty or find one that molds to your body with Tempur. If you’re full of stress, the pressure-relieving mattress from Emma Mattress might just make the difference.

Quick Tips To Sleep Better

  • Avoid your phone before sleep – Did you know the blue light emitted by your phone lowers your melatonin levels? The lower these are, the harder it is to sleep.
  • Keep the room temperature comfortable
  • Turn your clocks around – you don’t need to be staring at a time working out how many hours of sleep you are going to end up getting, that keeps your brain active!

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