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Stress Awareness Month: Tips To Feel Less Stressed

How can stress affect the body?

Stress is one of the most universal health challenges we face, but it isn’t taken seriously? Not only can high levels of stress be linked to physical issues, such as heart disease, insomnia and digestive complications, but it can affect other areas of our life – like our mental health. The Mental Health Foundation state that

  • In the past year, it was reported that 71% of people had felt so stressed that they were overwhelmed.
  • 51% of adults who feel stressed reported that they also felt depressed, and 61% said they were anxious.
  • 37% of adults who reported that they felt stressed also said they felt lonely as a result.

What is Stress Awareness Month?

It is entirely valid to feel stressed, anxious and depressed during these uncertain times. Covid-19 has completely changed how the world operates, and feeling deflated is a natural response to these sudden changes. However, while the world adapts to the new normal, it is also essential to find ways to care for ourselves and find mechanisms to destress, relax and keep ourselves in a positive space.

Now more than ever, we need to spotlight our mental health and make it a priority – and that is what Stress Awareness Month is all about. Stress Awareness Month has been an on-going public event since 1992, and its main intention is to promote causes, cures, and awareness for our modern-day stress epidemic. So how can you destress, feel good, and get involved with the event? 

How to de-stress

Practice meditation.

If you are someone who experiences high levels of stress, practising meditation can be an excellent tool. Meditation helps calm the mind and is a popular tool that is used to combat stress. Need workout clothes to kickstart your medication adventure? No problem.  Get 20% off full-price and sale for Teachers with our exclusive discount.


It might sound simple, but exercising can positively affect the body, especially in stressful periods. Whether you are someone who likes to jog, go for bike rides, swimming, or simply a nice walk around the park, any form of physical exercise is a great way to destress. 

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Visit your doctor

Making an appointment with your doctor is an excellent step to take when you experience high volumes of stress. Speaking out and voicing your issues to your doctor is so important, as they can help lead you on the path to a stress-free life. 

Eat a balanced diet

Sometimes, the little things can have the most significant impact. For example, treating your body to nutritious food can have a positive effect on your mental state. Eating a balanced meal can often sound like a lot of effort, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of online subscriptions and companies that make eating a balanced diet a breeze.

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The 30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge is an event you can take part in to better your physical and mental health. Many experts acknowledge that it takes 30 days to form and break a habit. The 30 Day Challenge is all about maximising your chances of turning helpful information and techniques into positive behavioural change. 

Want to become fitter? Challenge yourself to a 30-day fitness goal. Want to become a better cook? Get in the kitchen and challenge yourself. The 30-day challenge is all about you and your aspirations.


Finally, sharing your tips and tricks for coping with stress is a great way to help others. Not only does it destigmatise talking about stress, but your advice could help someone in a stressful time. Why not head over to our Instagram and Facebook and let us know how you cope with stress? We’d love to hear from you!

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