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Discounts for Teachers is a member of the Network Digital Marketing family, following our sister brands Health Service Discounts and Discounts for Carers.

After over 15 years of being the largest benefit provider for the NHS with Health Service Discounts we recognise that other services outside the NHS are just as deserving.

Your brand needs to reach specific audiences at the right time and we’re here to give you the confidence to do that.


WE ARE: A fast growing benefits provider for teachers

WE HAVE: Over 2m active members across Health Service Discounts, Discounts for Carers and Discounts for Teachers who trust us

WE ENABLE: Our brand partners to provide compelling offers and deals for teachers and their families

WE OPERATE: As a ‘closed user group’ - partners are able to reach a highly engaged audience within a controlled environment


If you are interested in developing your customers reach through our website, social media and email programmes, get in touch at [email protected]