Earn cashback the easy way with the Discounts for Teachers Cashback Card

All teachers and education staff can earn up to 12% cashback at over 35 retailers including ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Dorothy Perkins, Primark & Waitrose, to name a few.

It’s really simple, you use your card just like a debit card, all you need to do is transfer money that is already in your bank account on to the card and every time you spend at a qualifying retailer you earn cashback.

The card is free, 100% secure and backed by VISA ®. There are no credit checks & your credit score will not be affected in any way, you can only spend what you load.

Use your card to pay for your weekly food shop, clothes for you and the kids, as well as eating out at top brands such as Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Harvester and more.

Don’t forget you can use the card online or in-store and in conjunction with seasonal sales or other teacher discounts.

Earn cashback every day with your Free Cashback Card

It's as simple as...

Earn cashback at over 35 of your favourite retailers


ASDA 2.5% Cashback In-store & online ASDA Cashback

Sainsburys 3.5% Cashback In-store & online Sainsburys Cashback
Waitrose 3% Cashback In-store & online Waitrose Cashback

Department Stores

M&S 3% Cashback In-store & online M&S Cashback
John Lewis 5% Cashback In-store & online John Lewis Cashback


Pizza Hut 6% Cashback In Restaurant Pizza Hut Cashback
Papa Johns 5% Cashback In Restaurant & Online Papa Johns Cashback
Harvester 5% Cashback In Restaurant Harvester Cashback
Toby Carvery 5% Cashback In Restaurant Toby Carvery Cashback


Clarks 6% Cashback In-Store & Online Clarks Cashback
GAP 6% Cashback In-Store GAP Cashback
River Island 5% Cashback In-Store & Online River Island Cashback
Primark 4.5% Cashback In-Store Primark Cashback
Nike 5% Cashback In-Store & Online Nike Cashback

Home & Garden

Carpet Right 7% Cashback In-Store Carpet Right Cashback
Wilko's 5% Cashback In-Store & Online Wilko's Cashback
Argos Cashback 5% Cashback Online Argos Cashback Cashback
B&Q 4% Cashback In-Store & Online B&Q Cashback
Halfords 6% Cashback Online Halfords Cashback
7% Cashback In-Store & Online Cashback
The Works 6% Cashback In-Store & Online The Works Cashback
Waterstones 6% Cashback In-Store & Online Waterstones Cashback


Thorntons 6% Cashback In-Store & Online Thorntons Cashback
Virgin Experience Days 12% Cashback Online Virgin Experience Days Cashback
Mappin & Webb 8% Cashback In-Store & Online Mappin & Webb Cashback
Ernest Jones 6% Cashback In-Store & Online Ernest Jones Cashback
H Samuel 6% Cashback In-Store & Online H Samuel Cashback
Masterchef Gift Card 8% Cashback In-Store & Online Masterchef Gift Card Cashback
Laithwaites 7% Cashback In-Store & Online Laithwaites Cashback


Intrepid Travel 5% Cashback Online Intrepid Travel Cashback
National Express 5% Cashback Online National Express Cashback

Key Benefits

  • Key workers have earned over £4,000,000 cashback

  • Earn up to 12% cashback at over 35 retailers

  • No credit checks needed*

  • FREE for 1st year, only £2.99 annual charge taken from cashback earned.

  • Contactless Visa debit card

  • Apple Pay & Google Pay

Download the SPREE app now!

Manage your cashback card using Spree App which be downloaded from the App store or Google Play

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  • The Cashback Card is a pre-paid debit card - NOT a credit card. The Discounts for Teachers Cashback Card can be used anywhere that accepts the Visa® Acceptance Mark, just like a debit card.

    There are no credit checks when signing up for the card, making the registration process quick and straightforward. Once you have completed the activation steps, you can then start spending and earning cashback with your card. The initial top-up for the card will be requested within the registration process, and the minimum amount is £5.00.

    After the registration process, the minimum top-up amount will be £10.00, and the maximum will be £1,000. You can top up your card securely via your account, which can be found at www.discountsforteachers.co.uk/card. Alternatively, you may also use the Spree App, which you can download from the App store. Simply search for the Spree app in the App Store and download.

    Once you have topped up, you will be able to see your balance and spend immediately. It is the same as using a typical debit card, except you earn cashback when you spend. Amazing!

  • Currently, the Cashback Card is only available to employees currently working within the Education sector. This is because you must have access to a work email address to validate your credentials as an Education Sector employee.

  • Currently, our cashback card is not available to retired members of staff. We would love to expand our service and open the card to former staff, but we cannot do so at this time due to existing supplier arrangements. We are working hard on this and hope to include retired members of staff in the future.

    In the meantime, you can browse through our selection of offers that are available on our website. As a member, you can make fantastic savings.

Registering for a Card

  • Of course! If you are someone that works in the Education Sector and have a current work email address, you can sign up and start earning once you are in receipt of your card.

  • Unfortunately, you must have a valid/current work email address to sign up. If you are employed in the Education Sector and do not have a work email address, please contact your HR / IT department to acquire one.

  • The cashback card is free for the first 12 months. When you register, there is an initial top-up of £5 that is required. After the 12 months have gone by, there is an annual fee of £2.99 per card.

  • Yes. You can get an additional card with your partner or anyone in the same household aged 13 or over.

  • The way additional cards work is through one shared account. Both cards will be linked to one account, which means both cardholders will share one balance and can top-up.

  • After completing the registration process, you should receive your cashback card (approximately) within 7 working days. However, please allow up to 14 days to receive the card.

    It is worth noting that this time frame also applies to reissued cards that have expired or have been lost/stolen. If you do not receive your card after the 14-day waiting period, please contact the Cashback Card Support team on 01908 303564.

  • There are no credit checks or lengthy application process when signing up for the cashback card. All you have to do is fill in an online form.

    Please note that we may use the Personal information provided to carry out anti-fraud checks. The personal information provided may be disclosed to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency - who may keep a documented record.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process used to identify and verify our member’s identity. We use this to ensure we are compliant with Anti-Money Laundering Laws (AML) and protect our system from accidentally facilitating criminal activity.

Using your Card

  • You can use your card anywhere that accepts the Visa Acceptance mark - which is accepted at 36 million retailers worldwide. Just like a Visa Debit card, the cashback card can be used at qualifying retailers. The only difference is you earn cashback.

  • There are no transactional fees when you use the Discounts for Teachers Cashback Card in the UK. Please check out our Terms and Conditions to learn more about charges when using the card outside of the UK.

  • Our cashback card can be used when shopping online and in-store. However, please note that some of our retailer partners do not offer cashback when purchasing online.

  • To earn cashback when using the card, you must ensure the card is topped with funds. Then, when you use the card to purchase a product online or instore at our retail partners, you will start to accumulate cashback.

    Cashback typically takes 5-7 days and will be automatically credited to your account. The only exception is Sainsbury’s. Due to their process when calculating cashback, Sainsbury’s cashback system can often take longer - typically 3-5 weeks. We will always credit your account as soon as possible - where possible. Once the cashback has been credited to your account, it will be added to your available balance upon your next top up.

  • With our cashback card, you can earn up to 12% cashback at qualifying retailers

  • You still receive loyalty points, such as nectar points, when using the cashback card - giving you more value when shopping.

  • The cashback card can be used abroad at places that display the Visa Acceptance Mark. However, please note that a 2.5% foreign exchange fee will be applied. Check out T&C’s to learn more.

  • The cashback card cannot be used to make cash withdrawals at ATMs, for purchasing foreign currency, cashback at tills or cash advances.

  • Gambling with the cashback card and adult websites are restricted. You can refer to our Terms and Conditions to learn more.

  • Unfortunately, cashback cannot be earned for petrol / non-petrol items sold at petrol stations.

  • We may add or remove a retail partner from time to time. However, we always aim to offer a comprehensive range of brands where you can earn cashback.

    Unfortunately, we cannot rule out any change governed by market forces. Therefore, we will endeavour to try and maintain our current rates whenever we can. You can always head over to the Cashback Hub, as this maintains an up-to-date listing and cashback rates.

Topping Up Your Card

  • Yes! You can access your account online after you have completed your registration. Please keep your login details safe, as they will be required to access your online account in the future.

    Please head over to www.discountsforteachers.co.uk/card to access your online account.

    Alongside the website, you can also download the Spree App from the App Store. The Spree app can be used to check your statement, balance, Cashback earned, and you can view your transaction history.

  • To top-up your card, all you have to do is head over to www.discountsforteachers.co.uk/card or the Spree App. These are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Please note that you cannot top-up your card when using Payzone, Paypoint or at the Post Office.

  • We would advise that you set up a regular payment from your debit card to ensure your Cashback Card is always topped up. It’s less hassle! The ‘Top Up Card’ tab on your online account gives you a full breakdown of your top-up options and can outline any applicable changes.

    Please feel free to check out our Terms and Conditions on the website for any chargeable fees.

  • There is no minimum spend required to receive your cashback. All you have to do is ensure there are sufficient funds on your card before you start spending.

Need Help?

  • If you happen to forget your PIN, all you have to do is request a PIN reminder. You can do this by accessing the Account details tab on your online account. Alternatively, you can call 01908 303564 and select option 4 for ‘forgotten PIN’.

    PIN reminders can be sent instantly via SMS if requesting via the Spree App.

  • If your card is lost or stolen, you must reach out and notify the Cashback Card support team immediately. You can call 01908 303564 and press option 3 for ‘lost and stolen’. You can also head over to the Spree app and block your card instantly. This will prevent any further spend on your account.

  • The below support contacts can ONLY handle queries for the Cashback Card.

    Support for the cashback card is available Monday to Friday.

    Call (for cashback card queries only) - 01908 303564
    For eVoucher and Gift Card queries - We have a separate dedicated team - Email [email protected]

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