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Whether you’re a newly trained teacher or have been in education for some time and are looking for a new position, interviewing for a role can be exciting and nerve-wracking. So, you must prepare as much as possible, firstly by anticipating the teacher interview questions and answers you’re likely to get.


By researching popular interview questions for an educator, you can have well-thought-out answers ready. In this article, we will review common education interview questions and answers for teachers and teaching assistants, along with tips and advice to help you ace your interview.

Teacher Interview Questions                 

Interviews can be tough, but they’re much easier if you’ve prepared effectively. Here are some of the most popular interview questions for teachers and some advice on how to answer them effectively.

Tell us about your teaching philosophy.

When interviewers ask this, it’s to understand your overall approach to teaching and an opportunity for you to highlight your beliefs about education, student learning, and academic growth. Interviewers want to see that you care about students’ development inside and outside of the classroom and not solely academic results. So, show that you care about individuals and their success – including what success looks like and how you’ll help students achieve it.

Don’t worry if you’re new to teaching; you can still discuss what you would do in specific situations.

How do you differentiate instructions to meet the needs of diverse learners?

This is your opportunity to showcase your ability to accommodate different learning styles and adapt your teaching methods to accommodate students with different abilities. You may discuss the different content, language, and learning processes that you’d use and how you’d adapt them to fit the learner’s needs.

Draw on any examples of this you’ve done in the past, either in previous roles or in your teacher training.

How would you handle a student you found difficult to teach?

Being a teacher isn’t always easy, and it’s important that you acknowledge this during your interview. While you want to be positive about the role and show your enthusiasm, you also need to show that you can handle yourself in a challenging situation.

Here, you can showcase your problem-solving skills and ability to manage classroom dynamics effectively. Be sure to include your commitment to maintaining a positive and inclusive learning environment for all students.

You may also want to consider why a student behaves difficultly and help them overcome any challenges they’re facing. Remember that challenging behaviour could include disrupting lessons or falling grades.  

Tips & Advice for Teaching & Educator Interviews

In addition to preparing yourself for education interview questions and answers, we have some other top tips and advice that can make your interview go even smoother.

Research The School

We recommend familiarising yourself with the school you’re interviewing with so that you know about their mission, values, and educational approach. You should then keep this information in mind when giving your responses so that they align with the school’s goals and philosophy. This is a great way to ensure you stand out from other candidates.

Practice Your Responses

While preparing for common interview questions for teachers with answers that you think will help you secure the role, we recommend you rehearse them out loud to ensure they’re clear and coherent. You may even ask a friend or mentor to conduct a mock interview with you so that they can give you feedback.

Ask Thoughtful Questions

When it comes to interview questions for teachers, remember that you can ask questions, too. Prepare a list of things you’d like to ask the interviewer that show your interest in the role and the school. You could inquire about your professional development opportunities at the school and how they think they’d be able to support you as a new teacher.

Classroom & Teaching Assistant Interview Questions

You need to prepare for teacher interview questions as well as teaching assistant interview questions. Classrooms and teaching assistants are a huge part of the classroom, and teachers rely on them considerably to help maintain an effective learning environment.

So, we’ve also put together some common classroom and teaching assistant interview questions that may be asked in an interview. This allows you time to prepare and make the most of this opportunity.

Why do you want to work as a teaching assistant?

This is a popular question in a teaching assistant interview as it gives the employer a chance to learn more about you personally. It is your opportunity to express your passion for supporting student learning and your desire to collaborate with teachers to create a strong learning environment.

We’d also recommend that you read through the job description in preparation for this question to get an idea of what kind of teaching assistant the school is looking for, and it allows you to tailor your answer to their description.

Why do you think you’d be a good teaching assistant?

Another question for a teacher’s assistant interview that you should prepare for is why you think you’d be a good teaching assistant. It goes without saying that professional teaching assistants are expected to be hardworking, creative, good with children, and approachable. So, while you should mention these in your answers, you need to add more details to help your response stand out.

We recommend that you provide specific examples of embodying these crucial qualities. For example, you could give examples of attractive displays and creative solutions you’ve devised to keep the children amused and focused in the classroom.

Teaching Assistant Interview Help & Additional Tips

While you must prepare for questions asked at a teaching assistant interview, you also need to prepare for the interview. So, we’ve compiled some of our top teaching assistant interview help and advice to ensure you make the most of this opportunity.

Showcase Your Experience

While talking about your relevant skills and qualifications,, you should also use the interview as an opportunity to showcase your practical experience. This doesn’t necessarily mean previous paid experience as a teaching assistant in the classroom, as you can talk about volunteering in classrooms or any work experience you’ve completed. This helps to highlight your readiness for the position of teaching assistant.

You should also mention any notable accomplishments that you’ve achieved or projects you’ve been involved in to showcase how you support student learning alongside teachers.

Be Prepared for Scenarios

Another of our top interview tips for teacher’s assistants is to be prepared to tackle hypothetical scenarios that may arise in a classroom setting. Employers want to know how you’d cope with situations involving student behaviour management, crisis intervention, and academic support.

In this, you can draw on your knowledge of child development, classroom management techniques, and creating a positive learning environment.

By familiarising yourself with common interview questions for education assistants and teachers and implementing these tips, you can confidently approach your interview. Remember to show off your passion for education and your commitment to ensuring student success, and you’ll be on your way to securing your dream role in the education industry.

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