1. This data and all subsequently uncited data is from Network’s survey of 2,032 healthcare workers, carers, and teachers conducted between 17 March 2022 and 13 April 2022

Supporting Education Staff

Teachers represent a group whose contribution throughout the pandemic has been overlooked and under-appreciated. From navigating zoom classes, a lack of funding to dealing with personal battles, those in the education sector have faced significant struggles, and we want to help.

We have commissioned independent research to find out how our discounts can support key workers during the cost of living crisis and improve recruitment and retention in the education sector. Through our research, we discovered that Discounts for Teachers members can save £2,262 annually across various categories, including fashion, travel, household bills and much more.

Here are some of our Members' Annual Savings:



What we researched and why?

We spoke to 2,032 key workers across the UK, half had access to our discount scheme, and the other half didn’t. Doing this allowed us to learn how much of an impact our discounts have on real education staff facing real issues, such as the cost of living, recruitment, and staff morale. 

Our Key Research Findings 

Our members annually save £2,262 a year using our Discounts for Teachers

91% of members say the discounts help them afford a higher quality of life 

23% of members are more likely to be ‘engaged employees’ than non-members

  • The UK is currently experiencing a cost of living crisis, with inflation hitting a 40-year-high in May 2022 at 9.1%. The crisis has had a detrimental effect on key workers across the country, and as a result, we discovered that 37% of those that work in the education sector described their financial situation as “making ends meet”, “relying on credit”, and “falling into debt”.

  • Our research discovered that Discounts for Teachers members can save an average of £188.50 a month across multiple categories–that’s £2,262 a year.

    • Our members are 23% more likely to be ‘engaged’ employees compared to non-members.  
    • 46% of members feel loyal towards their role/sector due to their discount scheme access.
      This figure increases to 54% amongst Prepaid Cashback Card members. 
    • Members are 37% more likely than non-members to recommend their workplace to others.


Our discounts offer a FREE and accessible way for key workers to save money and feel appreciated. 

Additionally, members are able to afford a higher quality of life that they wouldn’t be able to obtain if it weren’t for our discounts.  But don’t take it from us. Read what our members have to say:

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